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Oxyrevo is a professional manufacturer that specializes in producing Portable and Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, with a commitment to making the benefits of oxygen accessible to everyone. With a rapid growth trajectory and continued development and upgrades, Oxyrevo has installed over many units of hyperbaric oxygen chambers worldwide over 87 countries, helped more than 3,000 clients, we are proud of our achievements and passionate about serving our clients with our expereince and expertise.


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We a strict, scientific and efficient work flow to ensure that every machine, every portable and hard hyperbaric oxygen chamber produced is 100% qualified and safe.


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-10+ year experience of designing and manufacturing, so Oxyrevo knows how to make to make a good product with reliable quality.
-Installed many units of hyperbaric chambers worldwide over 87 countries, so Oxyrevo knows how to make hyperbaric chambers better safe.
-Served more than 3,00 clients, so Oxyrevo knows what customers need and care about.
We are constantly developing and upgrading our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers to be “Safer, More Reliable, More Stable,”  with numerous designs and inventions on hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Oxyrevo Soft Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are constructed using medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, which is both safe and highly hygienic. The chambers are made with an industry-leading thickness, making them hard-wearing and providing a high-quality finish. Some companies produce their chambers using regular PVC plastics, which are not the strongest materials available and can give off unpleasant odors.

Many hyperbaric oxygen chambers use toxic glues to seal their joins, which can emit foul smells and are prone to tearing or even exploding with prolonged use. In contrast, all OXYREVO Portable Hyperbaric Chambers are heat-welded using high frequency welding technology. This process is free of toxic glues and harsh smells, resulting in chambers that are durable, safe and pollution-free.

Oxyrevo Hard Type Hyperbaric Chambers are made with high-grade stainless steel material, which has an industry-leading thickness of up to 4mm. This makes the chambers solid and pressure-resistant.

In order to ensure that the Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber lasts longer and is more stable, we have installed two stainless steel rings, each with a thickness of up to 30mm, at the head and foot of the cabin. These rings provide crucial support to the chamber’s structure and prevent deformation, even when exposed to high pressure over time. Many other Hard Type Hyperbaric Chambers are hollow at the head and foot, which can cause the cabin to become deformed with prolonged use, leading to a bent or leaking door, or a door that cannot be closed, ultimately resulting in damage to the chamber.

Many pressure chambers have only one pressure gauge outside, which means that the user cannot know the pressure level when inside the chamber. This can cause panic and anxiety. Some hyperbaric chambers may have two gauges; however, cheaply made regular gauges can lead to errors in pressure readings both inside and outside the chamber. This can result in the user receiving an incorrect level of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In contrast, all Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers are equipped with custom precision-grade internal and external pressure gauges that ensure accurate readings inside and outside the chamber. This allows users to see the pressure levels anytime, anywhere, making it safe and convenient.

All Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers come with a dual Manual Pressure Release Valve, which allows users both inside and outside the chamber to release pressure for pressure decompression.

Both the inside and outside of the Oxyrevo Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers feature an operating control panel, allowing the user to control the chamber’s functions, such as on/off, oxygen, dehumidification, refrigeration, and turning on the LED reading light. Each independent switch button features a touch-feedback design, providing a comfortable press and clear, visible indication of each operation.

In the event of an emergency, it is important that a hyperbaric oxygen chamber allows users to exit the chamber quickly. All Oxyrevo Soft and Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are equipped with an emergency valve that allows users to exit the chamber in just 20 seconds with a single press.

Once the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is turned on, the chamber will begin to gradually pressurize. Once the specified pressure is reached, the automatic pressure relief valves will start to work automatically, maintaining the chamber at a constant, safe pressure level. Each Oxyrevo hyperbaric oxygen chamber is equipped with two automatic pressure relief valves.

The Oxyrevo hard hyperbaric oxygen chambers are equipped with an integrated digital display panel made of aluminum alloy. This display panel utilizes a built-in customized high precision sensor to show the temperature, humidity, and oxygen purity levels inside the chamber. This feature ensures that the use of the chamber is safer and more controllable for the user.

The Oxyrevo Quest hard hyperbaric oxygen chambers are equipped with an in-out communication system, consisting of a phone set located outside and a speaker located inside. The wired connection ensures that communication is clearer and more stable. Additionally, the two-way intercom feature allows for easy operation – simply pick up the phone or press the button to initiate a conversation.

It is not safe to operate or pressurize an oxygen chamber when the chamber door is not fully closed, as this can cause damage to the door and chamber cabin. Some hard hyperbaric chambers lack a door close sensor altogether or use magnets, which may not be sufficient. However, the Oxyrevo Quest 30/36 hard hyperbaric chambers have both a magnetic closure and a door close sensor. The control buttons of the hyperbaric chamber can only be operated to start pressurization when the door is fully closed and the green indicator light is on. If the door is not fully closed, the indicator light will power off and the hyperbaric chamber cannot be run. This feature is crucial for the safety of you and your clients during hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments.

The operating unit of the Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Chamber is equipped with a power failure system. In the event of an accidental power outage, the machine will emit an alarm as a warning. This is another important safety feature that ensures the safety of the chamber and its occupants, especially in cases where the user may have fallen asleep and is unaware of the power failure.

Once you turn on the operating unit of the Hard Hyperbaric Chamber and close the door, the door will automatically seal and the chamber will begin to pressurize. The oxygen tower will filter out nitrogen and CO2 and convert 21% air into up to 97% pure oxygen. Additionally, the excellent air conditioning system maintains the temperature at around 24-25 degrees Celsius. All of these functions are made possible thanks to Oxyrevo’s intelligent CPU control, which ensures that the system is smart, reliable, and stable.

Each air compressor, oxygen concentrator machine, and operating unit of Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers is equipped with dual filters in both the input and output. These air filters are designed to filter air to 0.01 microns, ensuring that every breath you take is pure, clean, and safe.

Oxyrevo Hard Hyperbaric Chamber is equipped with anion function, which effectively activates oxygen molecules in the air, making them more active and easier to be absorbed by the human body. At the same time, anion could sterilize and deodorize, purify the air, eliminate your fatigue, and improve sleeping.


Firstly, OxyRevo designs comply with industry standards, specifications, and safety requirements. Secondly, OxyRevo manufactures products in strict accordance with production standard processes. Finally, a professional quality control team and quality control process are established to strictly ensure that each chamber customers receive is safe.


Working Under Standards

We work under CE, Israeli Standard, ISO, TUV certifications and regulations. 

And all products have an international warranty.


10+ Years Manufacturing

With over 10 years of experience in HBOT, we have gained a deep understanding of how to manufacture the best hyperbaric oxygen chambers that prioritize customer safety and comfort.

Our soft shell hyperbaric chambers are constructed from medical grade materials that not only guarantee excellent hygiene, but also boast exceptional durability. We use reliable construction methods that set us apart from other Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers, which often use toxic glues to seal the joins. These harmful chemicals can produce unpleasant smells for users. Instead, we utilize high frequency technology to heat-weld all joins, creating an ultra-strong bond that is free of toxic glues and harsh odors.


Talented design and development team

The engineers at OxyRevo have more than 20 years of experience in research and development, as well as manufacturing. We also offer OEM and ODM services according to your requirements.

At present, Oxyrevo produces various types of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, including Soft and Hard types, which can be used while lying, sitting, or in a wheelchair/regular chair, to meet the needs of all customers seeking hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Our R&D team offers unique and exclusive designs and updates to all Oxyrevo hyperbaric chambers to provide our customers with a safer and more comfortable experience.

For example, all Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are equipped with a pressure switch vavle, allowing you to adjust your hyperbaric oxygen chamber at different pressure leves from lower to higher to enjoy your HBOT treatment at a better comfortable way. The Hard Hyperbaric Chambers have two larger transparent windows to prevent feelings of claustrophobia, and the operating unit has an anion function and . These designs are exclusively invited by OxyRevo team.


Efficient and Practical Workflow Management

Not only do we operate under the scientific ISO management system, but we also employ an efficient and practical workflow for hyperbaric chamber production that leverages our many years of experience in the field.

All OxyRevo Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers must be produced in strict accordance with this process. For instance, all raw materials undergo thorough inspection, all product accessories comply with laws and regulations, and all suppliers must meet our qualifications.

Our Soft Hyperbaric Chambers are designed with computer-controlled precision cutting of materials and fabric covers, ensuring a perfect fit for welding and sewing. Additionally, each chamber undergoes rigorous aging and testing after production and is retested prior to shipment to ensure that it meets our strict quality standards and is perfect for the customers.