Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Chamber

Welcome To The Future!

Introducing The Next Generation Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy System. 

As hyperbaric oxygen chambers gain wider recognition, oxygen therapy is being increasingly utilized to assist with a wide range of conditions across many areas. Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Chambers utilize the latest technology and premium design to produce a variety of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, ranging from portable to hard, and from lying to sitting positions. This enables us to offer affordable yet high-end hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers for personal home use, wellness centers, beauty spas, therapy clinics, gyms, sports recovery centers, and many more. Our aim is to make these chambers accessible to everyone.

Oxyrevo Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

Apex36 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Portable Lying Hyerbaric Chambers

Oxyrevo Elite and Apex Soft Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers at 1.4ATA and 1.5ATA pressure, designed for people to lay down inside the chamber pleasantly.

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Oxyrevo Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

OxyRevo Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber Forward90

Portable Sitting Hyerbaric Chamber Forward90

Oxyrevo Forward90 Soft Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber allows you to sit or semi-lying, or fully lay down inside the chamber in a more comfortable way!

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Oxyrevo Wheelchair Hyperbaric Chamber

OxyRevo Heal40 Portable Wheelchair Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Soft Wheelchair Hyerbaric Chamber Heal40

Oxyrevo Heal40 Vertical Shape Soft Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber designed for wheelchair users to have their hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment in an easier way!​​

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Oxyrevo Hard Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

OxyRevo Quest36 Hard Hyperbaric Chamber Black 02

Hard Shell Hyerbaric Chambers Quest 30/36

Oxyrevo Quest 30/36 Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers, made of stainless steel material at higher pressure of 1.5ATA-2.0ATA. Exclusive design of two big transparent windows in each end, NO more claustrophobia for your HBOT!

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Oxyrevo Hard Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

OxyRevo Space60 Hard Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Hard Sitting Hyerbaric Chamber Space60

Oxyrevo Space60 Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber designed for users to sit or recline to have their hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment in a better comfortable way!

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Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

At Oxyrevo, we believe in revolutionizing your body through oxygen. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone can benefit from mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy by producing affordable soft and hard hyperbaric chambers in various designs, such as lying, sitting, and wheelchair accessible, and sizes that cater to single or multiple people.