Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Chamber

OxyRevo Hard Lying Hyperbaric Chambers

Povding you professional hard shell hyperbaric oxygen chambers at 1.5ATA and 2.0ATA pressure

OXYREVO Quest 30


-Stainless Steel Material

-Length: 220cm/89inch

-Diameter: 75cm/30inch

Hard type design with large view windows and higher working pressure for more professional use, standard size suitable for single person use.

Quest30 Hard Hyperbaric Chamber in White 02

OXYREVO Quest 36


-Stainless Steel Material

-Length: 220cm/89inch

-Diameter: 90cm/36inch

Larger size and room for athlete people for sports recovery or one adult with child for home care, more comfortable and roomy space.

Frequently asked Questions

1.What is the difference between Quest30 and Quest36 Hard Hyperbaric Chambers?

Quest30 and Quest36 are in same length and specification, but with different dimensions. Both of the chambers are at 220cm/89inch length.

Quest30 is 75cm/30inch diameter, suitable for single regular size person. Quest36 is 90cm/36inch diameter, more comfortable with bigger space. 

2. What is the difference between 1.5ATA and 2.0ATA pressures?

2.0ATA hyperbaric oxygen chambers have a higher working pressure than the 1.5ATA ones. As a result of the increased pressure, the 2.0ATA hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers can have better results than the 1.5ata hyperbaric chambers when used for an equal amount of time.